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EvenUP! Pro

1.24 usd

**** Follow us on Twitter! ****When going on a trip, arranging a party or other events you'll always have to deal with various expenses. When coping with bills from hotels, restaurants, museums or other activities you sometimes end up paying for more than your share, or end up owing money to your friends.
EvenUP! will help you to manage debts amongst friends in a very easy way, showing you through graphics and reports who owes who what at any time. You'll be able to get information about one specific activity and/or about the whole event.
Create an event, add participants, activities and expenses and you'll be able to manage your debts easily.
★ Arrange events.★ Control the participants for an event or activity.★ Create as many activities as you need for the event.★ Get notices about the accounts through the tab "EvenUP!"★ Follow the participants' debts visually.★ Get reports amongst participants about the accounts.★ Send an email to the participants about the state of the debts.★ Multi-currency support available for all events. It doesn't matter if there are different currencies involved in one event; EvenUP! will sort it out for you.
If you share expenses with your friends, this app is for you!
EvenUP! currently supports three languages: English, Spanish and German.
★ Without adds.★ Without limitations.★ Posibility to add a profile picture to your participant list.